The Gathering of Masters

4-5 day retreat for advanced Dr. Joe students, sharing wisdom, knowledge and experience


Dear geniuses,

We, a group of advanced students who met at a week long Dr. Joe event (the Flamingo team), are happy to announce our third soul family retreat in Portugal. 
The theme is: "The gathering of masters". Not because of ego, but because we are all ready to step into our power and acknowledge that we are the masters we've been waiting for!  

There will be geniuses from Canada and Europe sharing their wisdom in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature.

Every day we will focus on a specific aspect of doing the work. The facilitator of the day will share his/her life experience with the group so that we can learn, share and practice together. Sharing and connecting is an integral part of the whole program. The hosts and facilitators are offering the program free of charge and give their time to help build the genius community. The retreat fee is based on sharing the costs for accommodation and catering. 

The retreat starts Thursday at 3pm and ends Sunday afternoon around 5pm.

There is an extra option on Monday March 23 for the ultimate challenge activity....