The skydiving challenge on Monday, March 23rd is in Figueira dos Cavaleiros, about 1 hour south of Troia and a full day activity. Transportation will be arranged on the day itself, based on the number of participants. Costs to be divided among the group. The price for the skydiving can be paid directly to the skydiving school on the day of the challenge. Any extras as well, such as photography or video of your jump. Please wear layers of clothes and sturdy shoes.

Challenge activity prices: 

- Transportation to/from activity location to be announced.
- Skydiving instructions and tandem jump: from Euro 164,-
- Optional Extras  skydiving Video: Euro 60,-
- Skydiving Photos: Euro 60,-
- Videos and Photos: Euro 90,-

Alternative to skydive is paragliding, price to be announced.